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Overview English Program

English Learning Program

Our ''ClassLive'' English Learning Program focuses on two specialities, CL General English Course for comprehensive English Language Learning and the Accelerator Course for further improvement of English Skills

About English Learning Program

Our ”ClassLive” English Learning Program focuses on two specialities, CL General English Course for comprehensive English Language Learning and the Accelerator Course for further improvement of English Skills

English conversation and exam preparation courses

In addition to the General English course (ESL), we offer preparatory courses for the IELTS and TOEIC exams. We can customize the courses according to the English learning needs and objectives of each student, we can also provide a possibility to choose all programs by level and focus on reaching the desired score.

Learn faster with the Accelerator Program

This is a complementary program to the CL Comprehensive Course, ideal for improving skills, strengthening weaknesses and improving specific areas of English. The Accelerator Course is a more focused learning program and classes are taught in small groups.

Achieving goals through evaluations continues.

The general English course and the CL Accelerator Program are all planned by levels and objectives. Both courses consist of a 12-week term and aim to improve a specific level and score in 12 weeks.

CL Comprehensive Course

CL Comprehensive

1 term duration is 12-weeks (96 lessons), student can have individual and group lessons at our CL General English courses. We respond to students needs in general English, TOEIC, IELTS preparation.

Our CL Comprehensive Course offers three different modules, general English course (ESL), TOIEC preparatory course and IELTS preparatory course that meet the needs of each student. It was developed to provide a good balance of the four skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing in English, with a balanced program of one to one and group classes, from basic to advanced level, and always focusing on how to use English in a practical way.

*1term : 12weeks

CL-ESL Comprehensive Course

CL Comprehensive Course for General English (ESL). We offer general English conversation learning for beginners to advanced English learners, who hope to use practical English for daily conversation and for business purposes.

CL-TOEIC Comprehensive Course

CL Comprehensive English course for TOEIC is designed to improve your TOEIC score by 100 points over a 1 semester period (12 weeks), and we also provide a specific course for those who want a TOEIC score of 500 to 800.

CL-IELTS Comprehensive Course

Our CL Comprehensive Course for IELTS was developed to improve IELTS scores by 0.5 points over a period of 1 semester (12 weeks), and there are specific courses for those looking for a score of 4.0 to 6 , 0.
Accelerator Course


In addition to the CL Comprehensive course, the student can focus on the areas in which he has the most difficulties and on the subjects he is interested in improving. In our accelerator program, you have the possibility to improve your understanding and focus your learning more effectively and efficiently.

In addition to de CL Comprehensive Course, we offer the ”Accelerator Course” which are more practical, complementary and optimized to eliminate the weaknesses of english skills in specific areas, such as speaking and presentation. This is a course that you can take together with the CL Comprehensive Course, so you can focus and advance faster to reach your goal

*1term = 12weeks

AC Survival English Course

Our module “Survival English Conversation”, was developed so that you can learn daily English skills according to various situations in everyday life and acquire more than 100 expression patterns in one semester.

AC Conversation Course

In our conversation-focused course, in addition to strengthening the ability to use English for discussions and debates, this course is a training course for expressing effective questions, requests and opinions.

AC Presentation Course

A program designed for intermediate level high school students, university students and people working with English, to effectively present conceptual points and important issues. It is aimed at students who want to learn how to make presentations in an academic or business environment.

AC Pronunciation

Pronunciation Accelerator Course is designed to help learners understand English pronunciation, accent, intonation correctly, and practice them. In this course, the learners will practice pronunciation according to the 107 international phonetic alphabet.

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