English + Global Skills! Experience studying abroad in a virtual environment. ClassLive is a new era of online education.

Overview ClassLive Program

About ClassLive Program

ClassLive is a service between study abroad and online English conversation service. It's a new type of online school with a theme of "Study abroad at home" that offers not only English learning program but also global skill learning that had gained only when studying abroad.

ClassLive is designed to effectively promote learning through two programs: a CL Comprehensive course that comprehensively learns English and an Accelerator course that reinforces weaknesses and brush-ups of specific English areas.

About ClassLive

English + Global Skills! Experience studying abroad in a virtual environment.
ClassLive is a new era of online education.

ClassLive is new type of online school designed to offer a virtual study abroad experience with online English language enhancement, programs to build 21st century skills and real-life global experiences All lessons are interactive with live teachers, not e-learning or self-study courses. The English programs are packaged in one-to-one and small group classes, and all lessons are assessment-based programs that are arranged according to levels and goals, so that learners can choose according to their target.

\ Features of ClassLive /​

The English programs feature goal-based assessments to ensure that students improve.

Experience virtual study abroad through the interaction with students from various countries in our Global Skill program.

100% Online Classes.

All ClassLive lessons including one-to-one and group lessons are offered online. You can take the lessons at home, cafe, workplace, school, anywhere with internet access.

Goal Assessment Programs

ClassLive English's learning program is based on clearly defined levels and goals. This program is designed for learners to set a clear goal and achieve it in a designated period.

Interaction with students from various countries.

Our students come from various countries in the world so that there is not only interaction in each group class, but also we offer an enhanced interaction program in the International Communication Class.

Accelerator Program.

In addition to the CL Comprehensive course, the "Accelerator Course" is designed to identify and strengthen weak areas for effective and accurate communication such as speaking and presenting information logically.

Enhace thinking ability & creativity

The Global skill course is one of the unique features of ClassLive.This course is designed for the participants to aim to develop thinking ability, creativity, teamwork, and leadership skills that commonly required when living and studying abroad. You can learn English more logically by taking this course.

Learn online 24/7

In ClassLive, in addition to the in-house developed PDF learning materials, we provide a learning platform specialized in General English, TOEIC, and IELTS. You can access it 24 hours not only during the lessons but also your self-study time interactively.

\ 3 types program /​​

Develop your English skills and the abilities to be competitive in the world through our CL Comprehensive Course + Accelerator Course + Global Skill Course

The ClassLive program consists of three courses; Comprehensive Course, Accelerator Course and Global Skill Course. In CL Comprehensive Course, there are three pathways; General English, TOEIC and IELTS, and the contents of all courses are arranged by levels and goals. The courses are designed for all learners for all levels; from basic to advanced, to learn 4 macro skills; Speaking, Listening, Reading, Writing equally through one-to-one and group lessons. In addition to the CL Comprehensive English Course, we provide the Accelerator course as a complementary program that is more practical and optimized for strengthening weaknesses and brushing up of specific English skills.

In addition, we provide the Global Skill Course for those who aim to study abroad, go to higher education, go on working holidays, work and join overseas OJT to develop the essential abilities needed in global society such as problem solving ability, creativity, thinking ability, critical thinking and leadership. Moreover, we are preparing to offer programming, leadership, online courses of several universities that will be available within 2020.

\ Lesson Style /​

Class live lessons are one-to-one lessons and small group classes with multinational students.
One to One Lesson

One-to-One lesson

Most lessons of the CL Comprehensive Course are one-to-one lessons.

Lessons are organized according to courses and levels. The one-to-one lessons are the best class style for learning detailed contents and focusig on individual student weak points that group lessons cannot cover. This helps enhance overall understanding and improve the learning progress efficiently and effectively. 

Small Group Lesson

Group Lesson

Group lessons are offered at 11 levels that align with the international standard CEFR, which indicates the level of language ability and is widely used mainly in Europe.

In the group lessons, by dividing 11 levels into 3 groups, students with the similar level are grouped and study together. It promotes students’ exchanging opinions and helps keep them motivated for interation that cannot be covered in the one-to-one lessons. Group lessons are offered at the CL Comprehensive Course, the Accelerator Course, the Global Skill Course and International Communication Course.

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