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CL ESL Comprehensive Cour

ESL Comprehensive

This is a General English conversation course for beginners to advanced English learners. Various courses for each subject are offered according to appropriate levels.

Points of this program.

Conditions of attendance

*ClassLive has 11 levels (1-11) for one-to-one lessons, and 3 levels are set for group lessons. (Based on CEFR)
  • This course caters from beginner and up (CEFR: A0 and up, ClassLive Group Level: G1 and up)
  • Classes are held at each level: G1, G2 and G3.

1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 12 / 24 / 36 /48 / 60 weeks.
*1term is 12weeks.

*The number indicates the number of lessons you can take.

  • Depending on the bookings
  • Scheduled to be held two times per weeks (G1, G2& G3 class)
Interactive learning platform(separate fee)
Interactive learning platform(separate fee)

Those who wish to study English for communication

This course is ideal for beginners who have never studied English and those who have tried to study English several times but gave up because they did not improve. In ClassLive, in addition to one-to-one lessons, group lessons are provided that t will help each learner stay motivated and keep studying.

Those who want to learn effectively by one-to-one lessons.

ClassLive's CL Comprehensive Course consists of a combination of one-to-one lessons and small group lessons. One-to-one lessons are designed to complement the lesson contents and provide thorough learning, and group lessons are designed to apply learning effects through discussions.

Those who are thinking about studying abroad or working abroad.

This course is ideal for those who are thinking of studying abroad and want to study prior to travel. If you go abroad to study with zero English ability, it will take you more time just to get used to the language. To become familiar with English by taking the ClassLive CL Comprehensive course will improve your English level before studying abroad and it will lead you to a more effective and satisfying study abroad experience.

Lesson plans and Fees

CL ESL General English Comprehensive Course is 1 term of 12 weeks (96 classes) and the class consists of one-to-one + group lessons. It is recommended to take 1 term, for those who hope to study in a shorter time, 1, 2, 4 and 8 week short-term courses are available. From the 3rd term, long-term discounts on tuition fees are also applied.
1week Course
Included -

1week – US$29

2weeks Course
Included -

2weeks – US$54

4weeks Course
Included -

4weeks – US$90

8weeks Course
Included -

8weeks – US$180

12weeks Course
Recommend! 1term=12weeks
Included -

12weeks – US$270

24weeks Course
Included -

24weeks – U$490

Lesson Overview

◆ ClassLive Level G1

* The lesson is a sample only. The contents might be changed from time to time.

  • To introduce oneself and provide basic personal information
  • To say hello to a friend and a co-worker
  • To say the times of the day and the seasons
  • To express who people are
  • To share personal information like; He is my brother.
  • To describe people
  • To make statements like I am not.
  • To ask for and give personal information.
  • To complete a simple form.
  • To say and use the letters A, B, C, D, E.
  • To say simple sentences.
  • To identify key information in short audio.
  • To say and spell my name.
  • To express possession using my, your.
  • To express personal information, including my birthday.
Included -
\ Recommended Other Course /​​
Recommended programs to take together with the CL Comprehensive Course
Communication oriented lessons where you can demonstrate the English you have learned.

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