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Overview Global Skill Program

About Global Skill Program

This course is designed especially for those who have a hope to study or work abroad to develop abilities such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking to be globally competitive.

About Global Skill

This course is designed especially for those who have a hope to study or work abroad to develop abilities such as problem solving, creativity, critical thinking to be globally competitive.

Develop the abilities to be globally competitive.

Acquire zest for life and develop globally competitive skills prior to beginning to study or work in a multicultural global environment.

Enhance thinking ability and creativity.

A key feature of this course is that the participants think, create and express themselves by their own initiatives, not only passively learning in a classroom. It aims for the participants to develop creative thinking and other abilities through a variety of learning programs.

Maximize the effect of learning English.

The creative thinking and other abilities developed through the Global Skill Course contribute to English learning. Not only by increasing motivation, but also the practical usage of English to participate in the problem solving lessons will have a positive influence to English proficiency improvement.

Global Skill Course

Global Skill Course

This course is designed especially for those who have the hope to study or work abroad to develop abilities to be globally competitive. The skills, generally called “21st Century skills” help learners to cultivate judgment and creative abilities, which are necessary for modern social life.

These skills have been taught at schools mainly in Europe and the USA from an early age and are increasingly important for effective global success. In ClassLive, the programs are designed for learners to develop the problem-solving ability, creativity, leadership, and critical thinking ability. In the curriculum, the learners will tackle various topics and activities including Problem Based Learning (PBL), STEM, leadership, and programming. The duration of the course varies from 8 to 16 weeks (8-32 lessons) for one term. All lessons are group lessons. In addition, the International Communication Course is offered to promote cross-cultural understanding and learn intercultural communication through an interactive session with students from various countries and backgrounds.

– For 8 week registration, the following is included in the package:

Other Global Skill Subjects!

Problem-based learning (PBL) Course

This course is a practical Problem-Based Learning course that aims to understand and seek solutions for actual social issues. The course will provide key questions that the students need to examine as well as opportunities to interact through online communication with people directly involved in the issue so that they can all work together to make a proposal to solve the issue.

Intercultural Communication

This program is an interactive program based on discussion with multinational students. This program will give a good opportunity to understand different cultures and points of view, with a goal of getting better understanding of one's own culture with the end result of better global communication ability.

STEAM Course

(Open August 2020)
STEAM is an abbreviation of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics that is a recent trend in education to foster innovators and leaders of the 21st century.

Junior Programming

(Open July 2020)
This is an IT programming program for younger generations; from 10 years old to high school students. This course is held in English and will help children enhance not only programming skills but problem solving ability and creativity at the same time.

TED/YouTube Course

(Open July 2020)
A modern version of a multi-media program. This is a course to learn about current social issues and leadership theory with the theme of various contents of TED and YouTube. This will help learners raise interest in English and reduce resistance to listening to authentic and natural English.


(Open August 2020)
This is a course to learn leadership skills based on group work. It is a program that will tackle problems and aim at goals (conclusions) by preparing and discussing activities according to various themes in teams. It is a course that brings out inner abilities through mutual learning.

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