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How To use Webex

For Windows PC

How to use Webex for Windows PC users.

Windows OS

” How to use Webex for those who take a ClassLive lessons using a Windows computer.”
Step 1【Windows】

Download Webex

You can use the browser to make calls, but let's download and use the app that allows a more stable connection.


"① Access the Cisco Webex download site (https://www.webex.com/downloads.html).

② Choose ""Webex Meetings"" and click on ""Download for Windows"" button

③ Open the ""Webexapp.msi"" file.

④ The Webex Meetings setup wizard will start. Follow the instructions to set it up.

⑤ When the installation is completed the application will start automatically. Your setup is done, please wait until the day of your lesson to start the Webex and connect to the class.

Step 2【Windows】

How to connect to your lesson

① Click the Webex logo (URL) of the lesson to start connecting from the reservation list on the dashboard of My Page. * Please note that you cannot connect until 5 minutes before the lesson starts.

② Click to launch the browser automatically and then launch the Webex application automatically.

③ The app can not start until the instructor starts, so in that case, click the Webex logo on the reservation list again. If this doesn't work, sorry to trouble you, but please repeat this several times. 

Step 3【Windows】

How to turn on the camera and microphone settings

① When the app starts up, turn on the camera and microphone (if they are red, they are off, so be sure to make them black.) After confirming that your own image is displayed, click on the green button ""Join Call"".

② When you enter the room, the ClassLive logo is displayed, so please wait as it is and wait for the instructor.

③ The lesson will start when the teacher enters the room and turns on the camera. 

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