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Accelerator Course

AC Intermediate-Advanced Reading

This course aims to build and improve important reading and thinking skills, as well as improve analytical, critical and inferential comprehension. In addition, vocabulary will be improved at the same time. Practical exercises for reading about general and academic topics makes it possible to read long sentences with increased understanding.

Conditions of attendance

Conditions of attendance

* Class live has 11 levels (1-11) for one-to-one and 3 levels (G1-G3) for the group. (CEFR compliant A0-C2)  
  • You can take this course from Beginners level (CEFR: A2 ~, ClassLive Group Level: G2).
  • Classes are offered according to G2, G3 each level.

 4 / 8 / 12  weeks.

*1term is 12weeks.

*The number indicates the number of lessons you can take.

  • Depending on the bookings
  • Scheduled to be held once every two weeks (G2, G3 class)
* Please note that the number of courses will vary depending on the application status.
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This course is recommended for these learners:

People that have many opportunities to read English emails and business documents.

Someone that has a chance to read English documents for work or studies and can understand some parts but not all. People who take a lot of time to read and understand. For these learners, we are going to provide an opportunity to be trained to efficiently analyze, critique, and comprehend essential points.

People who can read simple sentences, but feel that they are not good at long sentences.

Even if you can understand short sentences there are times when you cannot understand the whole sentence because it is a long and complex sentence. We are going to teach how to improve reading by using some strategies, so you will recognize and understand the main points, find the overall context, even in long texts, and perform exercises so that you can feel more comfortable to read long texts.

Lesson Plans & Prices

The Advanced Reading Comprehension Course is an Accelerator Course, which is optimized for the development of reading comprehension and aims to improve the essential points of reading comprehension through many exercises. It consists of small group classes of 12 weeks (24 classes) per term. In each class, more than 120 reading comprehension exercises will be provided in 1 term, and long texts will be utilized to overcome weaknesses.

Although it is recommended to take a full term, short-term courses of 4 weeks and 8 weeks are also available for those who have difficulty taking a full term.

4weeks Course
Included -

4weeks – US$23

8weeks Course
Included -

8weeks – US$45

12weeks Course
Recommend! 1term=12weeks
Included -

12weeks – US$68

Lesson Overview

◆ G2 Level Lesson plan

*All contents are changeable by ClassLive academic management.

Answering interview questions

  • To use context properly - identifying main ideas and details
  • To understand appropriate usage of phrasal verbs
  • To be able to anticipate questions asked in interviews
  • To develop strong, concise answers to commonly asked questions

Making a difference in the world

  • To make inferences correctly
  • To be familiar with suffixes and recognize the correct usage

Achieving academic success through teamwork

  • To distinguish the difference between skimming and scanning
  • To apply learned reading techniques in exercises provided
  • To express the importance of teamwork in achieving academic success

How children learn languages

  • To distinguish facts from opinions specifically
  • To be able to understand connecting words
  • To restate how children learn languages

What you can see when you look at the moon

  • To demonstrate the appropriate use of context clues
  • To provide synonyms of words used in passages and apply them in sentences accurately

12weeks – US$68 

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Included -
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